Since inception of the Civilization man explored better ways of living (starting from Shelter, Family, Group, Society, Group of Societies, Geographical Boundaries, Tools of Material) through the resources continuously provided by nature. After this success, the need of governance for the management of resources and geographical boundaries was brought in existence. Thus the concept of religion, government, state, country was formed by Society.

As we observe that the existing System of Administration in India has been unable to deliver the prosperity to most of the Indian People due to small number of vested interest Political Ideologies that have segregated the society in different wings. Most importantly - None of these ideologies work for the benefit of Common People of India or the universe. The ideologies such as "Independence Movements" "Garibi Hatao", "Ram Mandir", "North East Movements", "Violent Movements", "Samajwadi Movements", "Separatist Movements", "Communism Movements", "Religious Movements" "Dalit movements" and numerous others have not been able to achieve prosperity and justice to the common man of India. Though, with the help of these popular ideologies, their leaders are successful to achieve desired political platforms of vested interests.

Can we realize that "what does a common man expects in a living environment?" We may not find that a common man needs more than the basic life security, family security, health care, education, employment, housing, water, electricity, roads, corruption free administration. It seems amazing that after 60 years of independence, none of the basic measure or accountability of the livelihood for millions of Indians has been secured by any administration. More amazingly this serious matter of urgency is not the agenda of any people group or political group!

This fact has inspired the group behind Indian Social Security to lay down actions of Truth, courage and never ending effort. Therefore a Pro People system such as 'Social Security System' or a similar system that enables the country India to provide Social & Economic Security to all citizen's through mutually accountable & Pro - People Governance should be in Place.

Social Security is not a new concept but on behalf of all people of India, the System which keeps India on the path of Prosperity has to be implemented. 52 countries have been observed where Social Security is the best method of providing the allocated Food Security, Housing Security, best Health care, best Education, Self employed Society run by 'Pro People Government System' Therefore we stand committed to get the similar System of Social Security to all Indians.

We hope that one day the common man of India becomes aware of his rights, we hope that one day the political parties work for the prosperity of each common citizen of our land, we hope that happiness and good livelihood exist for all people of India and this unique universe.
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